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123insert's Journal

Love in the Backseat
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All Members , Moderated
Next 10 applications are auto-accepted.

» welcome to 123insert
We know all the other rating communities think they are the bee's fucking knees, but here we have more than just really, really, ridiculously good looking people. Our members aren't just easy on the eyes-- their personality shines through too. Good looks aren't enough to get you in and likewise, neither is personality: our members possess both.

Think you have what it takes? Fill out an application.

The Members » Activities » Superlatives » Banners

» member/applicant rules

Yeah, yeah, yeah-- we hate having to have rules just as much as you do, but to keep things moving smoothly please keep the following in mind:

» "New" as the title of your post.
» "Love in the backseat" as the LJ-cut.
» Tag your application as "application"
» Once accepted, tag entries with your username.
» No promotions without a mod's approval.
» Be respectful of stamped members.
» Stay active, as if that's not obvious.

Were you rejected?
That's okay, we love our lurkers!

» You cannot vote or post entries.
» You must put "lurker" or "L" in title of all comments.
» Don't abuse stamped members.
» Mods may change these rules at any time and reserve the right to BAN anyone who does not comply.

» the application
Tag your entry with "application", not your username.

» members of the month!

Member of the Month - May!


» mods, sisters & credit
Questions, suggestions or comments?
These ladies run the place.

Danielle; miss_watson
Lexi; oh_oleander

Interested in helping out? We're looking for another moderator! Please fill out an application here!

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